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Couleur: Laguna Blue
Battery: Compact Battery - 36V 10Ah
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Enjoy the Ultimate Beach Cruiser Experience with Unrivaled Comfort

Rayvolt Beachin - Your Coastal Comfort Cruise

At Rayvolt, we understand that coastal living is a unique blend of relaxation and style. That's why we've crafted the Rayvolt Beachin, a beach cruiser that redefines comfort and coastal elegance. Whether you're gliding along the shoreline, exploring the boardwalk, or taking a leisurely ride through beachside neighborhoods, the Beachin ensures every moment is filled with comfort and style.

Rayvolt Beachin - Elevate Your Coastal Experience with Fat Tires

A Ride of Unmatched Comfort

The Beachin is designed for those who appreciate the finer things in life, starting with the art of relaxation. Its ergonomic design offers a relaxed riding position, allowing you to embrace the coastal breeze with ease. The plush seating invites you to sink into pure comfort as you explore your favorite coastal destinations.

Beachin by Rayvolt - The Ultimate Fat Tire Beach Cruiser Choice

Fat Tires for Smooth Cruising

One of the secrets to the Beachin's luxurious ride is its fat tires. They effortlessly absorb the bumps and imperfections of the road, providing you with a smooth, cushioned journey. Whether you're on the sandy shores or meandering through beachside streets, the fat tires deliver the ultimate in riding comfort.

Rayvolt Beachin - Where Comfort and Fat Tires Define Beach Cruising

Your Coastal Adventure Awaits

Elevate your coastal experience with the Rayvolt Beachin. It's not just a bike; it's a companion for exploring the beauty of the coastline in comfort and style. Whether you're seeking serenity, beachside luxury, or simply a memorable ride, the Beachin delivers on all fronts.

Unleash Your Rayvolt Beachin's Potential: Choose Your Motor and Battery

At the heart of the Rayvolt Beachin lies a cutting-edge motor system that redefines the way you ride. Designed with precision engineering and innovation, the motor seamlessly integrates with the eBike to offer an unparalleled cycling experience.

Rayvolt Beachin - The Perfect Blend of Style and Fat Tire Performance

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Product specification

Rayvolt Beachin

Discover the joy of coastal living with the Rayvolt Beachin. Embrace comfort and style as you explore the beach, boardwalk, or your favorite seaside spots. With the Beachin, every ride becomes a leisurely escape, a moment to cherish the beauty of coastal living.


29 kg - 33 kg


Rayvolt Aluminum 6061

Battery Cover:

Removable Composite Shell Covered by Leather


Rayvolt Custom Leather Grips


Rayvolt Deluxe Genuine Leather


Rayvolt Oil Disk Brakes with

E-Regenerative 10A-50A

Making Headlines: Rayvolt in the Press

Uncover the success of Rayvolt and its revolutionary impact on the world of mobility with innovative electric bikes designed for a greener, more sustainable future.

Crafted with Passion

Rayvolt: Redefining the Art of E-Bikes

About Rayvolt: Pioneering the Urban Mobility Revolution

Welcome to Rayvolt, where innovation, style, and sustainability converge to redefine urban mobility. Our journey is not just about electric bikes; it's a revolution aimed at transforming the way we move through our cities, leaving behind the era of polluting vehicles and embracing clean, high-tech, and stylish transportation.

Our Vision: Beyond Ordinary Commuting

At Rayvolt, we are driven by a profound vision: to promote alternative transportation that is not only clean but also high-tech and chic. While many e-bike companies focus on competing with conventional bikes, we set our sights on a different horizon – urban mobility. Our objective is clear: replace petrol cars, mopeds, and scooters in city environments with high-capacity, stylish electric alternatives.

Distinctive Design, Cutting-Edge Technology

What sets Rayvolt apart is the fusion of highly refined and distinctive design with cutting-edge technology. Our bikes are not just functional; they are works of art, instantly recognizable by their unique aesthetics. From day one, we decided to break away from conventional OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) practices. We meticulously craft every single component of our bikes to deliver an unparalleled and truly unique riding experience.

Harnessing the Power of the Sun and Voltage

Our name, Rayvolt, is a fusion of "rays" from the sun and "volt," the electrical unit. It evokes the spirit of "revolt," symbolizing a revolution in the way we power transportation. We harness the sun's rays to charge the volts in our batteries, promoting a sustainable and eco-friendly future.

A Brand of Vision and Clean Energy

Rayvolt is more than just a name; it's a representation of alternative and visionary transportation concepts. It stands for clean energy, a high-tech approach, and a commitment to a high-end, sustainable lifestyle. Our brand is a testament to the belief that style, technology, and eco-consciousness can coexist seamlessly.

Join the Rayvolt Revolution

Thank you for being part of the Rayvolt journey. We invite you to explore our range of premium e-bikes, each meticulously designed to offer a clean, stylish, and efficient way to navigate the city. Embrace the urban mobility revolution with us and be a part of a brighter, greener future.

Experience the Rayvolt Difference Today.
Rayvolt E bike - Vintage café Racer Ebike in city of Barcelona

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Rayvolt Beachin Fat Tire Beach Cruiser - Your Ticket to Coastal Bliss

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