What makes us be Rayvolt ?
We bet on clean energies and confortable transportation to get aroun town at same time we design going back to the root of bicycles as inspiration


Whilst other e-bike companies are compenting against conventional bikes and trying to take their market share, Ravyolt is choosing a different direction. We want to flight directly against a root cause of pollution in our cities, Rayvolt wants to replace petrol mopeds and scooters. We believe that light vehicles using fossil fuel will become obsolete in 5 years. Let bikes remain bikes and replace obsolete and polluting vehicles with electric ones…


Our technology is state of the art, controlled by a main smart computer “brain” called EIVA, whilst ourt “look” harks back to the legendary era of motorcycling; the early 1900s Indian motorcycle, the 1969 Café Racer and the 1970 Beach Cruiser. The result is timeless vehicles that don’t apear too futuristic and off-putting to customers and one that makes people feel sentimental about the old classic bikes of yesteryear.


We have focus our marketing strategy on the idea of the revolution of respectful energies with the environment combined with a enjoyable experience of riding.


Rayvolt come from the sun RAY and the electricity unit VOLT. Put together it sounds like its homonym “REVOLT”.


The concept of the bike, the sun, electricity and the idea of revolution have been pulled together into one visual design.

The sun symbol of the Mexican tribe, Zia, represents the four seasons, the four points of the compass and four sacred obligations of the tribe, which our brand shares; a strong body, a clear mind, pure spirit and devotion to family & community welfare.

The sun symbol, along with the gears and the lightning, respresent the rising of the Rayvolution.