However, there are several tax-free states in which you can shop that do not impose a sales tax on retail purchases. But, regardless of whether you shop in a tax-free state or not, sales taxes can impact your federal tax return. Compare what you paid in sales tax for the year to what you paid in state, local and foreign income tax for the year. ​Use Tax is imposed on the purchase price of tangible personal property, digital property purchased for storage, use or other consumption in Kentucky. The use tax is a “back stop” for sales tax and generally applies to property purchased outside the state for storage, use or consumption within the state.

For more information about or to do calculations involving VAT, please visit the VAT Calculator. When the U.S. was still a British colony in the 18th century, the English King imposed a sales tax on various items on the American colonists, even though they had no representation in the British government. This taxation without representation, among other things, resulted in the Boston Tea Party.

Tax Deductions 2023: Can you claim sales tax as a deduction?

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Support Sound Tax Policy

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Can I deduct sales tax in Washington state?

If you keep all your receipts, you can deduct actual sales and use tax you paid during the tax year.

It is an indirect sales tax applied to certain goods and services at multiple instances in a supply chain. Taxations across multiple countries that impose either a “GST” or “VAT” are so vastly different that neither word can properly define them. The countries that define their “sales tax” as a GST are Spain, Greece, India, Canada, Singapore, and Malaysia. Finder monitors and updates our site to ensure that what we’re sharing is clear, honest and current.

Property Taxes

Only the lesser of the total taxes paid or $10,000 ($5,000 if MFS) will flow to Schedule A, line 5e. The worksheet shows how much of each tax is being carried to the Schedule A, line 5e for your records. Since some states may have different allowable amounts, this worksheet is also used to maintain the breakdown of amounts for that purpose.

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Determining How Much Sales Tax You Paid

Some states charge a lower sales tax on purchases of food, clothing, medical supplies, and motor vehicles. However, the IRS allows you to deduct these purchases at the higher general sales tax rate. The sales tax deduction works best for people who live in states with no income tax so the income tax deduction isn’t available to them. It can also work for those whose sales tax deduction is larger than their state income tax deduction would be.

Deductions For Sales Tax

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The calculator will give the correct answer whether or not the two locations have different sales tax rates. This avoids the possibility of tax pyramiding, which exists when retail sales taxes are applied to business inputs. The tax base—what is and isn’t taxable—can have a significant impact on the competitiveness of different sales tax regimes and the efficiency with which they raise revenue. Sales Tax is imposed on the gross receipts derived from both retail sales of tangible personal property, digital property, and sales of certain services  in Kentucky. The following is an overview of the sales tax rates for different states. is an independent comparison platform and information service that aims to provide you with the tools you need to make better decisions.

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